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Financial inventories are fast, accurate counts that provide immediate  results to our clients. They are also the most common and basic of all  inventories. Typically, these inventories provide a retailer with retail dollar  totals for the merchandise in a store, along with other financial information  as requested by the client. The resulting figures can be used to determine  cost of goods sold and gross profit margins. The department information  from an inventory of this type can be used to monitor shrinkage and control  inventory, as well as to provide marketing information and statistics. 

The key to providing useful financial inventories is combining accuracy with  detailed preparation by the client. Prior to an inventory, the management will  meet with the customer to confirm the time and date of an inventory,  determine the exact scope of the count, provide instructions for preparation,  and explain the inventory procedures. 

Each inventory crew is headed by an experienced manager- the owner-  responsible for instructing the crew on what to count and on the appropriate  procedures for conducting the count. This crew manager ensures that the  inventory is completed quickly with the highest level of accuracy and  professionalism.   

The crew manager will “Map the Store”, by laying fixture tags on every  location in the store.  This information is also entered into the inventory  computer to ensure that all parts of a store are counted once and only once.   Areas are flagged as they are completed, the crew manager tracks results,  and store personnel verify that all the items in the store have been  inventoried. 

Technology also plays a part in ensuring accuracy and providing immediate  results. Data is captured on hand-held terminals that incorporate error- checking routines. As areas are completed, data is recapped and verified,  and totals are compiled for on-site verification.  Golden State Inventories assure accuracy and productivity that are basic to  the success of a financial inventory. As a final guarantee of satisfaction, our  crews do not leave the site until our client is completely satisfied with the  inventory.